German RV component company chooses Elkhart County for HQ

We’ve heard of U.S. companies leaving for foreign countries, but a German company is choosing Elkhart County.

Truma Corporation is the leading European R.V. component supplier. It plans to put its new North American headquarters here.

Truma corporation is teaming up with Nuway construction, on a multi-million-dollar expansion off of Harman drive in Remington Park.

“Five years ago, we started our business here in North America,” said Gerhard Hundsberger, Truma Corp. “We rented a small space but now we grew out of this space, we added 20 employees and, now we need something bigger. That’s why we are here now.”

Truma wants to add a two-story office building, a training facility, a new warehouse and a service bay.

“Within the next couple of years, we want to grow, our team further, from 20 now, to even 40 and 50 and 60 employees beyond that,” said Hundsberger.

Right now, Truma makes high-end appliances overseas, like premium instant water heaters, heating systems, and air conditioning units for RVs.

In addition to expanding the operation on Elkhart’s north side and bringing more jobs, the company also plans to introduce a product from overseas to the RV market here — for the first time ever.

“We also brought over a combined furnace and water heater,” said Hundsberger. “This is very unique to the North American RV industry. It does not exist here.”

“We bring out products here from Europe,” said Mark Howlett, Senior V.P. “They are very focused on small compact systems in the European market. All of that technology that we have in the European market, we are now offering it on a global basis, and now here in America.

“The long term plan actually is, if things could work out well, brining production over in the next phase,” said Hundsberger.

In the last couple of years, Truma has expanded to China and Australia.

It also does business in the U.K., Italy and France.

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