Unmatched Electric Services

Indiana Michigan Power (I&M) is a subsidiary of the American Electric Power Company, Inc. (AEP), which ranks as one of the nations largest electric utilities. I&M Power itself generates, transmits, and distributes electricity to 589,000 residential, industrial and commercial customers in northern Indiana and southwestern Michigan.

Customized Rate Calculation

Each business is unique in its energy needs and usage. Need to know what your energy bill might look like? Send us your peak demand, monthly kWh and/or load factor and we will generate a custom estimate.

Incentives for New & Growing Customers

I&M offers incentives for both new and growing customers. For those businesses requiring new or upgraded service to its property to serve higher demands, I&M may be able to assist in cost of extending services through revenue credits. Additionally, the Economic Development Rider is a billing demand discount for new or existing customers adding at least 500 kW to their peak demand and 10 new jobs to the local community. For more information on the Economic Development Rider, click here.

Indiana Rates

I&M State Avg. National Avg.
Residential 11.37 c/kWh 11.57 c/kWh 12.64 c/kWh
Commercial 8.67 c/kWh 9.81 c/kWh 10.64 c/kWh
Industrial 6.36 c/kWh 6.88 c/kWh 6.92 c/kWh

Michigan Rates

I&M State Avg. National Avg.
Residential 10.82 c/kWh 14.41 c/kWh 12.64 c/kWh
Commercial 9.58 c/kWh 10.55 c/kWh 10.64 c/kWh
Industrial 8.15 c/kWh 7.04 c/kWh 6.92 c/kWh